Friday, January 26, 2007

Something new?

Okay, May is a bit too long, huh? Maybe I'm not such a serious blogger.

New works...

Press Release by JCrichar and Assc.

Jay Wulf, formerly the chef and a partner at the
Standard Diner, has left the Diner to focus his
culinary attentions on a project closer to home and
heart in the East Mountains. His new venture, The
Greenside Cafe, will be located in Cedar Crest, and
will feature many of the distinctive creations
Albuquerque diners have come to expect and appreciate
from Wulf. "I felt
that the time was right," says Wulf of his concept,
which will include ready-to-eat takeout as well as
fully prepared meals to enjoy in the 100-seat dining
room. Wulf, who arrived in New Mexico in 1992, has
lived in Cedar Crest for four years and feels it has
been overlooked as a destination for those seeking a
good dining experience. "The many residents of the
East Mountains don't have a lot of alternatives when
it comes to dining out, and I'm hoping to attract a
few people from the big city as well," Wulf says,
adding that it's an easy (and scenic) drive from
Albuquerque or Santa Fe. The highly anticipated Greenside Cafe,
which will also serve beer and wine, is on schedule to
open sometime in the late spring.