Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update 4/28/07

Okay -

Lease is signed!!! That was about a week ago. Since I have such awesome abilities as a real estate mogul (not!) My lease term does not start until construction is complete and my doors our open. Not that I would want to, but I could take a year to finish the remodel.

I signed an agreeement with my architect to put together my planset to go to the county for our building permit before spring break. He would manage the engineers and get the drawings done. Due to our high growth in NM, I am still trying to get my planset completed and my building permit!

The architect (also my landlord) gave me some good advice. Let a professional contractor cut, break and haul off the concrete we need to remove for my plumbing. I got the quote, did some figuring and decided we could do it cheaper renting the equipment and using some punk a$$ kids to do the dirty work. I never thought it was going to be easy, but it turned out to be almost impossible. The advice from my landlord/architect was missing one vital peice of information...the concrete was 5000 psi (3000 psi is considered hard to work with) and had a nylon mesh inside of it to help it keep from cracking in the case of an EARTHQUAKE or other natural disaster.

Normal concrete blades were vitually ineffective and the jackhammer wouldn't break it up. Other times that I have busted up 'crete, once you get it started, you can break it up and haul it off in fairly big peices...we basically had to turn this into small rocks since it had the mesh to hold it together.
Long story short, after a FULL day of work, we have 90% of the concrete cut and about two wheelbarrels broken out. I returned the rental equipment, and I will have the pros come in to finish our handiwork. On the positive side, I don't think I will be paying more than the original quote, we were able to cut it quite a bit cheaper than they would have...

Kaelin thought it was pretty loud!

More later! J

Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting closer

I feel good about breakfast and lunch, but am still working on dinner. This will be what I open with, and will grow with time.

7a-3p every day
Drivetime Burrito $ Red skinned potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, red or green chile.
Add rice, beans, veggies $
Add carne, bacon, sausage $
Breakfast Burrito Plate $ Filled witih scrambled eggs, cheese and your choice of carne, bacon or sausage. Served with beans and red skinned potatoes
Breakfast Sandwich $ Our soon to be famous Sandia Toast filled with two eggs, cheese
Add green chile $
Add bacon or sausage $
Huevos Chilaguilles $ Chile soaked tortilla chips topped with two eggs your way, red or green chile and cheese. Served with red skinned potatoes and either bacon filled pinto beans or vegetarian black beans.
Sandia Toast $ Part souffle, part French toast.
Add 100% maple $
Barb's Pancakes $ From scratch.
Add 100% maple
Breakfast $ Black Angus patty, topped with a fried egg, bacon, green chile and cheese. Served on a bisuit with red skinned potatoes
Biscuits and Chile $ Baked in house and served with two fried eggs, chile and cheese
Add Carne, Bacon, Sausage $
Hen Grenade $ Sandia Toast, topped with ham and two poached eggs and smothered with hollandaise. Served with red skinned potatoes
Sangre de Cristo $ Black forest ham, swiss cheese, house roasted turkey, cheddar cheese and green chile layered up with sour dough bread, dipped in egg batter and grilled. Served with red skin potatoes.

11-close everyday
Burrito $ Filled with cheese and your choice of chicken, carne, grilled steak or veggies. Red or Green, with beans and rice
-all burgers are 100% Angus chuck and are served with lettuce, tomato and pickle with your choice of mixed greens ($1 extra for fancy salad), fries or homemade potato chips -
GS Burger $ ¼ lb pattie
Double GS $ two ¼ lb patties
GS Veggie $ black beans, blended with fresh vegetables and grilled.
add bacon, cheddar, blue, swiss, avocado, chile $
all sandwiches served with your choice of mixed greens ($1 extra for fancy salad), fries or homemade potato chips -
Sangre de Cristo $ Black forest ham, swiss cheese, house roasted turkey, cheddar cheese and green chile layered up with sour dough bread, dipped in egg batter and grilled. Served with red skin potatoes.
Grilled Chicken BLT $ Free range chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato
and homemade mayo
Chipotle Steak $ Marinated and grilled flat-iron steak, open faced with sautee'd onions and bell peppers with melted cheese
Sloppy Jay – Black angus chuck slow cooked in homemade bbq sauce and served on a hamburger bun
Hot Turkey Dip – Fresh roasted turkey breast, with green chile, cheddar and homemade green chile ranch dip

all box lunches come with choice of mixed salad, homemade potato chips, or soup (we'll give it to you cold in a microwave container) and choice of beverage
Monday – tofu salad wrap – or - cobb salad sandwich
Tuesday – cucumber raita wrap – or ~roast pork sandwich
Wednesday – marinated mozzerella and tomato sub – or - cobb salad
Thursday – roasted bell peppers sauce, marinated artichoke bottoms – or - thai chicken wrap
Friday – Homemade hummus with cucumber raita – or -
meatloaf sandwich

lunch and dinner

Salad Dressings – Basil Caesar, Green Chile Ranch, Mango Vin, Dijon Vin, 1000 Island
Caesaprese $ Housemade basil/caesar dressing tossed with romaine lettuce, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and croutons
1000 Island $ Mixed greens tossed with 1000 dressing and served with fresh fruit and cottage cheese
Spinach $ Mango vinaigrette, baby spinach leaves and fresh vegetables
Steak Ranchero $ Marinated and grilled flat iron steak, tossed with mixed green and our chipotle ranch dressing
Chopped Salad $ Roast chicken, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and Dijon vinaigrette
lunch and dinner
Chips $ Homemade potato chips with chipotle ranch
Romescu $ Roasted red bell pepper, fresh garlic, lemon and almands puree'd served with flour tortilla chips
Lamb Quesadilla Slow roasted lamb round

4-cl everyday
Sunday -
Monday – Roast Porkloin with gratin potatoes
Tuesday – Bbq Lamb top round, roasted potatoes
Wednesday – Pot Roast, just a touch of curry
Thursday – Meatloaf with garlic mash potatoes
Bella Vista Friday – Fish and Chips all day
Beef Tenderloin–Grilled with shrimp scampi
Saturday – Grilled King Salmon with white corn chipotle ragout