Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting Closer

A few teaser photos of what is happening. It's hard to do since things change everyday.

I do have a pretty final menu ready. For all of you who felt my online menu was a little lacking, you were correct. I will post that up pretty soon.

Wine list is underway, lighting is coming, hiring is full throttle. I'm telling the public that I will be open the first of October, but I fully anticipate being ready the first weeks of September, depending on inspections and such.

What a weirdo!

A little bit of the Flagstaff singletrack I tasted while the family was in Michigan. Very nice!

A video walk through of some of the restaurant

Yes we are accepting applications...send me your tired and oppressed, my restaurant ain't gonna be worth a darn if I don't get anyone to work there. If you were thinking about applying NOW IS THE TIME!!! You know who you are!!!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I googled Greenside

A woman wanted to repaint her house, so she called a contractor ...

... and set an appointment to meet with him. When the contractor came to her house they did a walk-through and he asked her what colors she would like. They came to the living room and she told him that she would like a nice, warm cream color.

The contractor wrote something down on his pad, then walked to the window and yelled, ''Greenside up.''

The lady is a little confused, but doesn't say anything, and they continue to the dining room where she tells him, ''I would like a nice warm white in here, nothing stark.''

The contractor writes something down on his pad, then walks to the window and again yells, ''Greenside up!''

The lady is really confused now but still does not say anything. They continue to her bedroom and she says, ''I would like a nice, cool, relaxing blue in here.''

The contractor writes something on his pad and again walks to the window and yells, ''Greenside up.''

The woman is now totally perplexed and says to the contractor, ''Three times I have told you the color that I want, and you write something on your pad, then you walk to the window and yell greenside up. What is going on?''

The contractor replies, ''I have four blondes laying sod across the street.''