Saturday, September 15, 2007

Okay, just a little blog

We have a gas meter.

I should have working equipment.

I'm ready to assemble furniture.

Finish trim is 90% done.

Electrical will be done next week

Refrigeration will be done next week.

All we need is Electical Final Inspection, Mechanical/plumbing final, environmental health pre and final and we are ready!

We had a little flood! About 12,000 gallons of water smashed through the back wall and filled the entire dining room with 3 inches of water.

Silver wasn't the new plumbing, and we discovered the f***up the previous plumbers did now, instead of later. They put a galvanized aluminum fitting over a brass fittting. I guess when you add water and pressure, the two metals react and carode. I will post pictures later.