Friday, June 01, 2007

Website's Up

Yup, here's the new and improved website.

A gratuitous 'Greenside' photo - looks much better - bigger.

There's not too many times you want a Terra Mite in your dining room. Especially when I am operating it...

Artsy photo of trenching necessaties.

I don't know, just me in the ditch

So beer and wine license looks good. Nobody raised any objections to me having a beer and wine license, and everything is in order. Good chance I will have beer and wine when I open the doors. There was a good chance I wouldn't.

Waiting on building permit...but once I that's done, maybe two months to get open? Fingers crossed.

I've actually been helping my mechanical contractor, a little labor trade thing. You know your small potatoes when you go into someone elses kitchen and do repairs for them. Remember, I don't have any partners in this endeavor...nobody is handing me a restaurant to run, this is all my hard work!

We turned this...

Into this...

Maybe next week, I will cook while I wait for the building permit